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Car Dealer Reputation Management

Remove Bad Car Dealer Reviews

Reputation management tips for car dealerships and car dealers that run small to large car lots. Automotive dealers are at high risk of receiving negative online reviews and Veilus has an effective and tested method for clearing negative reviews and links for the auto sales industry.



One of the biggest disadvantages of being a car salesman in relation to online reviews is the stigma attached to car salesman. Many people already have a negative perception of car dealers and sales staff at dealerships based on the view that they use high pressure and manipulation to sell vehicles. While many salespeople have worked to overcome this perception, it is still very common for car buyers to feel “On-guard” or hesitant when engaged by a car salesman. This defensive stance can lead to buyers being instantly irritated with a salesman and cause a bad vibe that follows the deal to the end. So when the buyer has the slightest issue with the deal or vehicle they are even more mad than they would normally be because of the negative  feelings when buying or shopping with the dealership. The entire process makes the buyer angry and ready to get revenge on the dealership or salesman. This is when they take their rants online and vent by spreading the word that your dealership is shady or ripped them off.

A consumer will rarely go out of their way to give you good reviews unless your really impress them or ask them to. But if you make a consumer angry or pissed off they will take hours out of their life to tell people not to deal with you. One angry customer can wreak havoc on your dealership online. When they get angry all they need to do is leave duplicate nasty reviews about your business on the leading complaint and review sites. These complaints will usually make there way to page one of Google and other search engines. Even if the complaint is from a competitor, false, fake, or bogus, people will believe it.

Warning to car dealers: creating fake reviews on authority sites like Google and yelp is not a good practice and can make receiving approval for positive reviews in the future more difficult.

We provide car dealers with reputation management solutions that are effective and can help you by deleting negative links and complaints. Our service can actually delete these bad links in most cases. We also have the ability to bury negative content.