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Delete Negative Links and Content

Unlike many companies we have complaints and defamation links REMOVED


Most Reputation Management companies focus mainly on Suppression of negative links and complaints and try to bury offensive links by creating new positive links to try and outrank the bad ones. This method is one that can work in some cases however this is not a 100% permanent solution and is no longer the most effective way to deal with negative online content.  We can use the “displacement” method for clients that do not have the budget for a complete removal campaign or if the links about you are not a “removable” link. We do offer a guaranteed service of displacing links but most of our clients prefer a solution that gets rid of the bad links completely. Our DELETION campaigns are the most effective tactic in getting rid of negative/bad links about your name or business. The upfront costs associated with deletion is considerably higher and requires a higher investment.

When someone searches your name or business on Google they are doing it for a reason and in most cases they are looking for something bad about you. Most internet users are savvy enough to know that they should go past page 2 and 3 or place the word “complaints” or “Reviews” behind your name. When they do his they are calling the complaints directly to the top of search results, a campaign to bury links will not hide links when this search technique is used. Your negative links will always be there and have a high chance of being found unless you have them deleted.   This is why we recommend a campaign to delete negative content rather than bury it whenever possible. We consider deleting it a cure and burying it a band aid. If you want to bury links we can help – If you want those nasty links gone forever contact us now using the form below or call anytime.