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  • 1. What does Veilus Do?

    We remove/delete negative links, complaints, bad news, and online defamation about our clients from Google. In a nutshell we provide a real reputation management solution. We provide a solution that will help you control what is found about your name or brand online. Having negative links and complaints deleted for clients is not all we can help you with; We also provide reputation consulting services and positive PR campaigns for our clients.

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  • 2. How do you remove links from Google?

    We use a very resource intensive method to remove links. We do not post more content and "bury" links, we use a legal process to have the links completely removes or de-indexed from Google. The old former methods of Reputation Management where "burying" links was used no longer works well. Sure a company can bury a link but the links ALWAYS come back to page one. You can not play Google this way, Google is smart and they know when you are artificially manipulating search results with new "spammy" content. We can not disclose our exact methods of removal, however the end result is the bad links are not on Google anymore!

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  • 3. How much does it cost to have complaints or links removed?

    Our service process is VERY time and resource demanding and we have a sliding price structure. Depending on how many negative links you have and which websites they are on will play a factor in the costs involved. In this industry you get what you pay for and our service is one that is guaranteed to delete these offensive links about you and your brand. Our service fees range anywhere from $10,000-$100,000 USD. To be eligible for our service you must be prepared to invest in your business and invest in cleaning your name up online. The real question to ask is what is the VALUE of our service? The value of our service depends on how many clients, sales, and how much revenue you may be losing due to the damaging links you are concerned with. That being said we are a high-end service provider and not designed for entry level businesses that are on a micro-budget.

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  • 4. Where is located?

    We have offices and partners in 7 states. Our primary office is located in Charlotte NC. We are a USA based company.

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  • 5. Can you remove RipOff Reports / Links?

    Yes - We can remove ripoff report links from Google. There is no way to delete the complaints from their website context. People find your ripoff report on page one of Google and within search results so we eliminate these links by having the links removed completely from Google/Search Engines. Your Ripoff Report worries will be a thing of the past!

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  • 6. How long does it take to remove complaints and links?

    Time frames vary depending on many factors. It can take 1-8 weeks to see complete removal. We can answer this question after reviewing your case.

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  • 7. Is your service Guaranteed?

    Yes we guarantee our service 100% and you DO NOT pay if we fail to deliver. We guarantee to have the offending links deleted/de-indexed permanently. Our service is a no risk solution. You have nothing to lose. To date we have had a 100% success rate at delivering as promised.

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  • 8. Your Competitors Say Links Can't Be Removed?!

    Most reputation management companies rely and focus on "reverse seo" tactics to bury links and these companies simply are not in the same field of expertise as we are. We are however experts at both our method and their SEO methods. Links can be removed, deleted and de-indexed. There is a process and solution to resolve every problem.

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  • 9. How Do You Remove A Ripoff Report?

    Since ripoff report will NEVER delete a ripoff report we have to focus on removing it from Google completely (have it deleted from search results forever 100%) or Bury it, both removal and the "bury" ripoff report options will help your online reputation. We are one of very few companies that can actually guarantee the link be deleted 100% off of Google and not just buried. Contact us!

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  • 10. Can You Remove

    Yes we can help you remove a complaintsboard link and complaints from Google and search engines. Removing online complaints with Veilus guarantees your name or brands reputation will not suffer from these unfounded online complaints. Contact us anytime.

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  • 11. Can You Remove Complaint Links?

    Yes - We can certainly help you with links and complaints on - Is your personal name or company name listed on and the link ranks high on Google search for you name? We can make these links go away! Contact us anytime for help, We have helped dozens of companies remove links.

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  • 12. Can You Help Remove Blogspot Blogs?

    Can you help me communicate with bloggers or Google about a blogspot or blogger account that has been set-up to defame my name or bash my business name in an effort to ruin my image online? YES! We have over 15 years of internet policy and online defamation experience. Our team will help you in every possible way. We will walk up to the line (never cross it) to fight for your name.  We have contacts at hundreds of ISP's, Internet firms, Hosting Companies, Complaint Sites, Google's Legal Dept., and more.

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  • 13. How do you remove a Google Review?

    There are certain internet policies and guidelines that Google has buried deep in their TOS and Policy pages for Google Business Reviews also known as Google Places and Google Maps. To have a bad review removed from this section of Google is possible, BUT not easy. We can help you with this and the answer to your question is complex and requires us to evaluate the issue. Give us a call!

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  • 14. Can You Remove Negative/Bad Facebook Reviews?

    Facebook has rules and policies wrapped around their entire multi-billion dollar business and many terms of service section for business pages and reviews left on your page about you. We know all of their policies inside and out and can have many reviews removed and some moderated. This is possible, so please get in touch with us about facebook reviews and how to deal with them. DO NOT START A FACEBOOK WAR. RELAX!

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