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Remove Online Complaints Q & A

  • 1. Remove Complaints
Removing online complaints is a very hot topic online and many questions are asked about the process. Here are some FAQs about removing online complaints.
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  • 1. What Sites Will Delete My Complaint?

    There are not many complaint sites that will delete your online complaints just because you ask them to. There needs to be a legal or internet policy violation in order to get a complaint sites attention, and in most cases a court order is required to force removal of complaints. There are other option in dealing with online complaints. Our team at Veilus are experts in Internet Policy and online complaint removal. Contact us today for details.

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  • 2. Who owns

    According to Whois record of, public access to Complaintsboard ownership data is restricted due to privacy matters.

    Earlier, Complaints Board owners included DZIANIS BELTYUKOV of MEDIOLEX LTD. in 2013, Mediolex Ltd. in 2012 and Mediolex Ltd. Dzianis Beltyukov () in 2011.

    If you need help removing a complaintsboard link from Google contact

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  • 3. Can you Remove Google Reviews or Complaints?

    Google states it will “remove reviews that represent personal attacks on others.”  Thus, in the event of a false review that targets an individual or individuals from a business, this is a possible avenue (although this still will likely require presenting a court order to Google).

    Second, a business representative can flag a review as inappropriate and hope that Google will determine there to be a policy violation and, accordingly, remove the review.  Factoring in the countless requests Google receives daily, a business probably should not assume that simply flagging a review will lead to defamation removal.

    There may be other options that can help you - Contact for details and help.

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  • 4. Can You Ripoff Report Complaints?

    We have an entire section of Q & A about Ripoff Report and this subject. Check it out here.


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  • 5. How To Remove USAconsumercomplaints?
  is hosted by an overseas company called Hetzner Online GmbH - Hetzner Online GmbH is an Internet hosting company and data center operator based in Germany. Ironic the USA complaint site is owned, Operated, and Hosted by an oversea entity. This could be an attempt to hide behind layers of international laws that do not reach the USA or vise versa.

    The website was established in 2012 and can rank high for your name when listed on it. The best option at this point is to NOT contact the website directly. Contact us for help with this site.

    You will need a search engine reputation management campaign or other tactics to remove these links.


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