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Why does ripoff report rank on page 1 for my name?

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Ripoff report usually almost always ranks on page 1 for your business name or name if you are listed on this site. There are many technical reasons for this. A few of the factors include the age and authority of the domain, The way the site is coded to be very search engine friendly, the fact the Title, Description, and tags on the report including the context is all about your name. There is also trust flow and how many people link to and talk about ripoff report in the news and social media, this shows Google that the site is popular among internet users.

Another factor is something we call Google’s humility algorithm, in other words if there is something negative about your name or company online, Google will rank it high in order to show diversified results. Google wants to show what is interesting to internet users and negative news and complaints are interesting to people.

Ripoff Report ranks high for many other technical factors and these are just a few.

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