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Remove Complaints

You most likely found us because you/your business or brand is suffering from abusive consumer complaints or online defamation links that show up about you on Google and search engine results. Veilus provides a guaranteed service that uses resource intensive methods to remove offensive links and information about you from search engines. We DO NOT just bury bad links, we have them removed. Traditional reputation management is no longer effective at hiding links completely; our method is a permanent solution that deletes complaints and negative results 100%.

There is no doubt that these offensive links are having a negative impact on you or your business. Our service is unique because we do not create content to bury bad links about you, we do not deploy ineffective reverse search engine optimization techniques, we do not pay off extortionists to remove content, and we do not create one single page about you to remove links.

The team that makes up the Veilus operation has been deeply involved in all aspects of online reputation management since the conception of this popular industry. We have worked for over 8 years developing a full proof system and method for having negative/offensive links deleted from the internet and search engines.

After seeing countless businesses and professionals suffer from the adverse effects of online complaints and online defamation, and being misled down the road of internet reputation management we all finally have legal and effective whitehat resources and techniques to remove online complaints and negative links.