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Finding your name or business listed on can be embarrassing and damaging to your reputation, business, and business profits. Forcing to remove a complaint from their website can prove to e impossible, burying the links on Google is possible but never a permanent solution unless you want to spend thousands of dollars yearly to keep it buried. Even with the method of “displacing” (burying) the negative links your clients, prospects, and searchers can still find the links on page 2 or 3 of Google.

With there is a better solution and method to get rid of ComplaintsBoard links. We can have them DELETED. Yes! Our service can actually have these offensive links completely deleted so no one ever sees them again. This is a permanent solution and our service is 100% guaranteed to work no matter how high your links rank and no matter how hard you have tried to bury them before. We do not have to bury complaintsboard links, we can remove them.

We have a 100% success ratio in dealing with complaintsboard complaints. The cost to remove these links can vary however it is more expensive than burying links. If you simply want to use reverse SEO tactics to bury the bad links, we can help with that also. We obviously recommend removal as this is the only way to guarantee no one ever sees the links again. Contact us for help.