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Truth Exposed Remove A Ripoff Report

Google DOES Remove RipOff Report Links


The big question in the Reputation Management industry and the small business world is: “Can you have a Ripoff Report complaint removed (as in deleted)” the answer is NO and YES – (Sort Of).

For years businesses have been victimized and targeted with unfounded and overly aggressive ripoff report ( complaints filed against their business and name. These online complaints, when posted on Ripoff Report’s website usually rank on page one on Google when someone searches the name or business name mentioned in the text or title of the complaint posted. Ripoff Report’s management, editor, and owner (Ed Magedson / Xcentric Ventures LLC ) go through great lengths to ensure all ripoff reports rank high on Google. There are also many other technical factors that cause Ripoff Reports to rank (Show Up) so high on Google.

The answer to the question: How To Delete or Remove A Ripoff Report  

Here are the most common ways to deal with a rip off report complaint – In this section we will look at the ways to deal with a ripoff report.

1.) Bury the link (displace or suppress) using search engine reputation management tactics. This is the technical approach to hiding the link buy pushing it off the first couple of pages of Google. This method used to be the #1 easiest method to dealing with ripoff report. This technique still works but it can be a very labor and time consuming process. This “Reputation Management” tactic is a good one but is suited for small businesses and companies on a restrained budget that can not commit to the higher cost of the new techniques which we outline below. The downside of burying the link is you will have to revisit the process over and over in time, in order to keep it buried. These links tend to bounce around and in my opinion if  not monitored and revisited with more effort frequently will become a temporary solution.

2.) Does your ripoff report complaint contain an image on it that you can claim copyrights to? This method can work but is usually countered by Ripoff Report and corrected on their end and the link will come back, but it is worth a try. Using a DMCA takedown notice do to the unauthorized use of an image you can claim copyrights to can force a ripoff report off of Google’s search completely (De-Index).

3.) Hire an attorney? No need to do that. Most Attorneys do not specialize in internet law and policy exclusively and do not have the inner-circle knowledge to construct and execute a removal campaign for you. Since ripoff report is well within their legal rights to display whatever a user posts on their site and is granted immunity from liability from the CDA Sec. 230, a law that states a website like theirs is not responsible for 3rd party postings and comments. An attorney might tell you anything to get a retainer most attorneys work on a best effort basis and can not guarantee the outcome of any services they provide. “Sure send me $3000 and we will fight this for you” Translation “Let me write a couple of threatening letters to someone and feed you some BS”. There is a use for an attorney in one method of removal we know of, but you can not hire just any lawyer to help you. It needs to be an attorney that has a proven tactic and loophole to have the links removed. Furthermore the tactic is a slide-of-hand “grey” method anyway and most attorneys will not walk up to that line to help you.

Truth of real ripoff report removal from Google Exposed in #4

4.) Use The Ripoff Report Court Order Removal (Legal De-Index) method: This the most complex removal method and the most expensive option with an average cost of $25,000 – This method works but you have to be ready to drop $25,000 or more to rid the internet of your ripoff reports. This method is very resource heavy and takes about 45-90 days to complete. It has been done many times and works 95% of the time. A plus to this method is, its almost guaranteed to remove any and all ripoff report links about you from the internet search engines and Google.

This method uses a legal method to remove the Ripoff Report link from Google forever and takes a little fancy paper shuffling and a some dealings with court. This method requires a few moving parts to work and I have included a copy of public record (PDF) to show you how this method works for the most part. This method was used by an attorney (JOHN MUSCA) who has/had several Rip Off Report links (which now do not show up on Google). He is an attorney but used a service and attorney to do this for him. This is a matter of public record. 

In order to make this work you will need an Attorney to file a civil lawsuit against a person that will claim responsibility for the Ripoff Report and this person can provide a notarized statement claiming responsibility. The goal is to get a judge to to enter a COURT ORDER for the person responsible and any “Does” as in JOHN DOES they claim to be, to remove the statements. Since the court order, orders removal and the party responsible has no access to remove them, the order or removal is submitted to the service provider (like Google) and they must comply with removal of the links, Ripoff report does not have to comply as they are protected under other laws. Just take a look at this PDF and YOU decide what went on here and how they made this happen and what possible tricks may or may not have been used.

The players in this removal technique include:

  1. Person or Company listed on ripoff report
  2. Someone to claim they posted it
  3. A Notary
  4. An Attorney For Filing
  5. A Court/Judge willing to hear the case and accept the documents presented as sufficient

Note: Having a ripoff report de-indexed (deleted from Google search) DOES NOT take it of of the RipOff Report website. Also note that there will be a link to LUMENDATABASE.ORG on the bottom of search results that looks like the image below. About The Lumen Database

Lumendatabase ripoff report

This link will allow ANYONE to view your case information and removal request documentation including links to the original Ripoff Report. This link goes to a page where you will find a PDF. provides Internet Policy & Reputation Management consultations and can help you remove negative information from Google, The Internet, and other online complaint/review sites. Contact us anytime for help.