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How much does it cost to have complaints or links removed?

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Our service process is VERY time and resource demanding and we have a sliding price structure. Depending on how many negative links you have and which websites they are on will play a factor in the costs involved. In this industry you get what you pay for and our service is one that is guaranteed to delete these offensive links about you and your brand. Our service fees range anywhere from $10,000-$100,000 USD. To be eligible for our service you must be prepared to invest in your business and invest in cleaning your name up online. The real question to ask is what is the VALUE of our service? The value of our service depends on how many clients, sales, and how much revenue you may be losing due to the damaging links you are concerned with. That being said we are a high-end service provider and not designed for entry level businesses that are on a micro-budget.

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