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Rip Off Report


The most notorious and feared complaint sites on the internet and in the world in – Ownwed and operated by Ed Magedson and Xcentric Ventures LLC – has close to 2 Million Complaints filed and this number grows by leaps and bounds monthly.

Rip off report has been featured on all sorts of blogs, news stations, newspapers, and websites because of the controversy that surrounds the website and its owner Ed Magedson. The website even has an entire industry that partially revolves around it called “Online Reputation Management”. Many companies offer to “remove rip off reports” although the website claims to never remove rip off reports even if the original author requests it. Removing a rip off report refers to removing the rip off report links from the top of search results, not actually from the internet completely (Until Recently)…. In recent months formulated a way to have Rip Off Report links deleted permanently!

Some people are saying they hope the website goes down for good, and others say they like the power and visibility that gives them. Apparently the owner of rip off report is smarter than some think he is. He continues to operate one of the most hated and popular websites on the internet, even when all odds are stacked against him. can help you really deal with complaints forever. Contact us today and let us clean up the negative mentions of your name online.